Self Portrait


This marks the beginnings of a larger study which will document the ritual of the selfie and the role it plays in our lives. The work opens a conversation on the phenomenon of the self-portrait in the context of digital and the impact it has on shaping multiple realities.

It will document the process and ritual for producing self-portraits and how, in different ways, they are used to portray our lives and create significance and meaning. It will examine to what extent we shape our identities and perceptions of self through how we depict our lives on social media platforms and ask, by doing so what do we lose and what do we gain?

As the project evolves subjects will be asked to keep diaries and note how they use social media; how many selfies they take each week, how much time they spend each day on social media and also to record positive and negative states, etc. Then through semi-structured interviews subjects will be asked to reflect and share the outcomes of their interactions with technology, self and the physical world.

The important question is, “How do these practices shape who we are, how others perceive us and how we experience the world”?

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